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Tonbridge River Trips Rowing Boat Hire

Located next to The Big Bridge in Tonbridge High Street, we offer easily accessible rowing boats for hire by the hour.

If a peaceful guided trip is not energetic enough for you then we have rowing boats for hire.

TonbridgeRiverTrips_DisabilitySign (4K)If any person in the party has a disability please contact us to discuss requirements and access before travelling.

Row Boat Hire FAQ

When are rowing boats available? Rowing boats are available from 1100 to last hire at 4pm... (weather and river permitting)
See schedule
generally they operate:-
  • 21 May to July - weekends plus bank holidays
  • School Summer Holidays - Everyday
  • September - weekends
  • October to May - closed
Do I need to book? There is no need to book, boat hire is on the basis of first come first served,
if we are busy then we will take your phone number and call you when a boat is available.
If you are visiting or travelling to get to Tonbridge email your request in advance and we will do our best to get you afloat.
Can I book for today? As above, we operate a turn up and go system.
If you are travelling from outside the Tonbridge area phone on 07308 956947 after 11am
How do I book non standard hires? Multi boat, longer hires or special occassion bookings can be arranged in advance by emailing.
How many can get in a boat? The boats are designed to hold a maximum 400Kg (60St) and be easily rowed,
so can take up to 4 adults and 2 children
Are babies ok on the rowing boats? Sorry no, under 2's are not permitted on rowing boats
Do you provide lifejackets? We insist that under 14's wear a buoyancy aid - we will provide them,
we also have limited stock of other sizes if requested
Where can we go? We advise rowing upstream and going to the right, round the island,
keeping the island on your left side, do not pass under the railway bridge
but return downstream back to the mooring.
What happens if something goes wrong
or we get lost?
We provide a map in the boats with our emergency contact number
and there is a power boat providing safety cover.
How long do we get? The hire is for 1 hour please adhere to the time as we will have other bookings waiting,
if you are uncertain of making it round the island turn round and come back in good time.
Extended hire is available by the hour, late return will incur additional cost.
How old must you be to take out a boat? An adult (16+) is required to be in the boat and responsible for the hire at all times
How much does it cost? The cost of boat hire is £5 per Adult and £2.50 for under 16's
with a minimum hire of £10 per hour, paid on arrival cash or card,
proof of ID will be required prior to the hire.
How do I get in contact The best contact is in advance by email
On the day call 07308 956947 after 11am.

Tonbridge Rowing Boat Hire Terms and Conditions
Ver 7 July 2021

  1. A boat hire is for any number up to 6 (max 4 adults else mix adults and children over 2 and under 16's) per boat.
  2. Advance booking is not available, boat hire is on the basis of first come first served - if we are busy then we will take your phone number and call you when a boat is available. If you are visiting or travelling to get to Tonbridge we advise emailing in advance.
  3. Boat hire can only be made on days/times when we are running, to hire or enquire about days or times outside these please Email
  4. Under 2's are not permitted on rowing boats
  5. Children (under16) and vulnerable adults MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult (16+).
  6. A QR code is available at the mooring for track and trace purposes please use.
  7. The charges for rowing boat hire are £5 for adults £2.50 for under 16's per hour, minimum charge £10 we accept cash and cards.
  8. The hire starts and ends from the Big Bridge in Tonbridge High Street access via the steps, please arrive 5 minutes before departure and wait in the area above the mooring, away from the gate and steps.
  9. Once the boat and mooring are sanitised you will be invited down to the boat, please use hand sanitiser provided before the hire and upon return.
  10. On the mooring we will check your names, provide a quick briefing and assist you boarding the boat, for your safety, please follow all the managers' instructions.
  11. For your safety please minimise standing and moving around in the boat.
  12. The rowing area is limited downstream by the Town lock and upstream by the Railway Bridge, this provides a large area of slow moving Medway River and surrounding area to explore. Do not exceed the limits without prior permission.
  13. Buoyancy aids must be worn by under 14's and are available to all on request - these will be sanitised and dried as much as possible, between hires.
  14. Removing a boat from the river will be considered as theft and the police will be informed.
  15. Keep to the right-hand side of the river if you meet other boats or craft
  16. Wait for the boatperson to steady and secure the boat before embarking or disembarking, follow instructions. Be aware that you maybe unsteady when disembarking
  17. Late return, damage or loss of equipment will incur additional charges.
  18. Tonbridge River Trips undertake to supply equipment fit for purpose to the hire.
  19. Tonbridge River Trips reserves the right to end a hire to any person(s) without prejudice, explanation, or refund.
  20. All water activity carries a risk, when you hire you are accepting this as your own risk.
  21. Tonbridge River Trips reserves the right to alter this information at any time.

  22. pdf (59K)

    Click to download the Rowing - Terms & Conditions