PG Pleasure Boats Ltd ~ Carbon Footprint
Includes Tonbridge River Trips and Grove Ferry River Trips

Scope 2021 Annual
1 Running 2 x electric boats and 5 rowing boats = 0 emissions

No Water Supply

Minimal waste, sorted and recycled as per Council requirments
2 Charging boats from 100% guaranteed renewable energy suppliers

Admin work done at home - 100% renewable electricity some gas/oil heating
3 Driving to and from site annual 5600 miles average 30mpg = 1680g CO2 at 9g per gallon
Visitor travel to and from attraction, we encourage and publish public transport links. estimate 2 tonnes
Purchase of parts and goods = infrequent and minor
Total 5.68
6 Tonnes offset 25 Nov 2022 with My Carbon Plan

carbon_offset_cert (109K)